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Early Goderich Buggy and Bike Dealers

I think a lot of the readers will find this week’s Goderich Transportation write up of 1899-1912 different and interesting.


In 1896 The Henderson Bicycle Company, located at Cambria Road and East Street were building quality bicycles, including a tandem. They had two models, the Huron and the Common Sense. The plant employed a lot of people. It seems that they also built the McCready bike there for awhile. Goderich bikes are eagerly sought after by collectors today.

In 1899 Geo. Thompson & Son were selling McCready, Crescent & Goderich Bicycles as well as guitars and violins.

In 1902 Yules Big Bicycle and repair shop sold Cleveland, E & D, Columbian, Eagle & Goderich Bikes. They would also rent you a Bike. The owner was John Yule and they were located on Albert Street.

In 1915 C. J. Harper were selling Hyslop bikes on West Street. Cost $30.00


In 1899 Gundrys Auction Rooms on Hamilton Street were selling the famous Tudhope line of buggies & carriages and road wagons. The Tudhope company was in Orillia and eventually built the Tudhope car.

Also in 1899 on Hamilton Street, across from the Colborne Hotel, J. E. Brydges sold Carriages that they manufactured and as well they repaired and sold used buggies & carriages

In 1908 Wm. Knox at the corner of Newgate St. & Hamilton St. were selling the world famous line of McLaughlin Carriages. You will remember it as the McGee dealership property.

Also in 1908 Eli Armitage operated the Dominion Carriage Works on Newgate St. He specialized in repairs and painting of the buggies. He would also outfit the buggies with rubber tires.

In the very early 1900,s Fred & Tom Davis operated the livery Service on South St. They would meet all the trains and boats with horse and carriage offering this livery service as well. They ended up at one point owning the Bedford Hotel and eventually started selling Chevrolet & McLaughlin-Buick cars at the Livery. (and you thought only Ford cars were sold at the livery)

In 1909 Robert Wilson sold the Gray line of Buggies. They also sold McCormick-Deering products, Brantford Wind Mills, Fleury & Perrin Plows, Louden Hay tools, Standard wire Fence, Stone by the pile and in 1910 added on Massey Harris. Also Located on Hamilton Street.

Hugh Rose Implement agency on also located on Hamilton Street sold Deering Farm Products, plows, fencing equipment, Dairy Maid and National cream separators. He also sold the Brockville Buggy.

It sure would be interesting if someone had a picture of all these Implement Agencies on Hamilton Street.

In 1912, Thos. Gundry was seeing the end of the livery service and was selling off his horses and carriages in an auction at the ‘Red Barn’ on South Street.

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