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My First interest in Antique Cars

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It is 1952 and my father had just taken in a 1948 Oldsmobile on trade. This was expensive inventory in those years but Reg. knew of an old German farmer near Blake Ontario who was interested in just such a car.

If you wanted to sell a farmer a car back then, you took the car to the farmer, at a suitable hour.

Off we went after supper. I am just 12 years old. I am now being shaken awake at midnight after falling asleep on the couch in the big farm kitchen.

A deal had been made, but no money traded hands.

In trade for the Oldsmobile was a Stuffed Pig, Two vats of homemade wine, a pony, complete with cart and a dark blue 1932 Buick sedan.

I will never forget the moonlit ride home in that Buick.

It had dual side-mounts and a rear mounted trunk and wooden spoke wheels. It looked so classy and as I sat their listening to that glorious Straight 8 engine and that distinct whine of those Buick gears when being shifted, I fell I love with that car.

I vowed one day I would own a car like that!

It was July of 1978 before that became a reality. A Mr. Wm. Snetselar of St. Thomas had the exact car except in tutone green, and he offered to sell it to me. – You bet I bought it!

It sounded and drove just like that one I fell in love with 26 years earlier.

I owned it a very long time before I reluctantly let it go.

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