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The Chrysler Roadster

The year is 1960 and I was about to get married in August.

However, I heard that a 1927 Chrysler Roadster, bought new by a Mrs. Greenaway in Clinton was going to be sold. She lived on the street sided now by Murphy Bus lines. The car was Green because of her name and the car was known around Clinton as the Green Hornet.

I went and looked at the car and offered what I thought was a fair offer of $50.00 for the car.

John Anstett, of Anstett Jewellers in Clinton had also heard about the car and offered $100.00, which was accepted.

When I heard of this I drove to Clinton and said to John, I really wanted that car. Would you let me have it for the $100.00? And I will buy all our wedding rings from you. He quickly agreed to that and said I have neither picked up or Paid for the car, so you look after those things and I will phone and tell them to release the car to you.

We were open from 10-4 on Sundays to pump gas at our garage back then and I have the Chrysler sitting out front. Two ladies came in for gas with Michigan license plates and while pumping the fuel they got out and looked at the old car.

One said is that for sale? I said Oh No, I just bought it a few days ago. Surly you would put a price on it of some kind, she responded.

So thinking about an upcoming marriage I said I could not let it go for less than a thousand dollars.

They immediately said yes, paid me and said they would return next weekend for it.

My brother Alvin had just bought Eunice Lambs old Graham-Paige and we have it conveniently parked beside the Chrysler that weekend and they bought it also!

The two sisters had just opened up a restaurant in Ypsilanti Michigan and felt the old cars would be a real draw.

55 years later I got a phone call from a man living in Grand Blanc, MI. He was amazed that I answered the phone. It seems that this was one of the Aunts of his that bought the 1927 Chrysler from me and he found my name in an envelope under the seat from Chrysler Corporation where I had inquired in 1960 about the car specifics.

He said he wanted to sell it and I said I would be there the coming Thursday. It was sitting outside his home when I got there and looked in exactly the same condition as when I first saw it. It was the smallest 4 cylinder car that Chrysler made; it really was a holdover from Maxwell which Chrysler had bought out in 1924.

I just did not have a great feel for it but did make him a decent offer which he turned down.

I actually was glad he did, but what a flood of memories it brought back to me.

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