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True Stories - Edward (Eddie) Jenner

When my parents were operating the small garage at the end of Hamilton Street, they hired a young man by the name of  Edward (Eddie) Jenner to work for them. They thought the world of him, so much so that when I was born in 1940 I was named Kenneth Edward McGee. Eddie was the son of Mr. & Mrs. George Jenner. George was the projectionist at the new Park Theatre and his wife operated the ticket booth. They were both really nice people and Eddie was their only child.

As a side note, George bought all his cars at our dealership and liked one fancied up a bit. The one thing I do remember though was his wife always sat in the back seat, even just riding home from closing the show.  They lived at the end of Quebec Street.

Now back to the main story about Eddie:

I was told by my parents and older brothers how excited Eddie was when I was born. I was told he was always looking out for me, bouncing me on his knee etc.


When WWII was in full swing, Eddie felt it was his duty to sign up. He soon became Sergeant Eddie Jenner in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was a wireless operator and an Air Gunner. Sadly his aircraft got lost in fog on a mission and crashed into a mountain. He died Feb. 8, 1942 at just 22 years of age and is buried in Cumberland England.


After writing this I got to thinking- do you suppose losing a son in a crash was the reason Mrs. Jenner always rode in the backseat of their car. No one will ever know!

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