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A GTO with No Radio!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I have so many stories I could tell from my 55 Years at our Family Dealership that I think a lot of people would find interesting…

With the extreme shortage of new cars right now caused by the lack of computer chips, it has also made a shortage in trade ins as well. Many years ago (Early 70’s) we experienced a huge shortage of used cars at our dealership. My brother Al and I would rent a room at the lamplighter Inn in London, Ontario. In those days the London Free Press would be filled with care for sale; so we would sit in a room at the back of the Hotel and phone people who were advertising a nice car for sale and invite them to bring it over to the Inn, which many did, and on each trip we would buy 10-12 vehicles, drive the owners back home, or by Taxi etc. The next day we would load up drivers and take our acquisitions home. One deal I never forgot: A quite handsome young man showed up driving a 1970 Pontiac GTO with no radio, and very low mileage. It was in that popular metallic tan of the day and was a 4 on the floor manual. No Radio – The young man was a mute –unable to talk since birth. However we were able to put a deal together with him and brought the car home. I have thought many times over the years wondering how he has made out in life, why he had to give up his dream car. I hope he found peace and contentment. -Ken McGee

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