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Independent Makes New Car Dealers of Goderich:

AMC Dealers of Goderich:

Reg. McGee & Sons – Rambler – 1958-1962, Newgate Street

Bluewater Truck Sales (Carlyle Bannister) Rambler 1962-1964 – Bayfield Road

Graf & Harris – Rambler – 1965-1967 – Bayfield Road

Graf’s Fina Service (Peter Graf Jr.) Rambler – Jeep 1967-1974

Strickland Motors – Rambler – Jeep 1975-1982

Durant Dealers, Essex Dealers, Erskine Dealers, Frontenac Dealers & Grey-Dort Dealers of Goderich:

J. G. Cameron – Durant Cars – 1922-???

Peter Graf Sr. – Durant Cars – 1926-1930, Nelson Street

L. J. baker – agent for Essex Cars – 1928 – Hamilton Street

Goderich Inn Garage – Essex Cars (Baker & Durnin) 1929-????, Hamilton Street

F. H. Wood – Erskine Cars – 1927-1930, South Street

Peter Graf Sr. Frontenac Cars 1932-1933, Nelson Street

Mitchell Motors (T.H. Mitchell) Gray-Dort Cars 1918-1920

East Street Garage (T. F. Holland) Gray-Dort Cars, 1920-????, East Street

Hudson Car Dealers:

East Street Garage- (Arthur W. Glover) Hudson Cars – 1913-1914 – East Street, Beside Town Hall

P.J. MacEwan Hudson Dealer – 1928 (For just a few months)

Goderich Inn Garage (Harry Bradley) Hudson dealer – 1928

Baker & Durnin – Hudson Dealer – 1929-????

F. R. Miller Garage – Hudson Dealer – 1933-1934 – Corner of Victoria & Elgin Ave.

Mason Motors (D. E. Mason) Hudson Dealer – 1936-1947, Market Street – he also displayed Hudson’s at Fred Rouse Garage and the Cities Service Station on West Street.

Fred Rouse Garage – Hudson Dealer – 1948-1954 – Kingston Street

International Truck Dealers of Goderich:

Fred Rouse Garage – I.H. Trucks – 1948-1954, Kingston Street

Bluewater Service Station - eventually Bluewater Truck Centre Ltd. (Carlyle Bannister) 1955-1991 – Originally on Bayfield Road and then moved to Airport Road

Bluewater Truck Centre Ltd. (Richard Wright) I.H. Trucks, 1991-2004 Airport Road

Waycon Altruck (Wayne Connor) I.H. Trucks, 2004-2010 – Airport Road

Altruck International (Ryan & Jeff Kirby) I.H. Trucks – Airport Road

Bet you never imagined that we had all these franchises in Goderich.

So many of these dealers operated for a very short period of time; so many makes of cars in the early years were being built, and it appears that many of the dealers would change franchises in a moment if they thought the next one would be more lucrative.

Kaiser / Frazer:

Akeroyd Motor Sales (j. W. Akeroyd) Kaiser & Frazer Cars – 1946 – for a very short time.

Campbell’s garage – Kaiser-Frazer & Henry J. 1952- for a very short time – St. David Street


W. A. Craig – Maxwell Sales – 1922, for a very short time


Millers Service Station (F. R. Miller) Marmon & Roosevelt cars , 1931- for a very short time – Victoria Street & Elgin Ave.


Barker Bros. Nash Dealers, 1923- for a very short time

Huron Motor Sales (H. C. Young) 1928-1929

Rouse Auto Electric (Fred & Mary Rouse) 1948-1955 Kingston Street

Scott Armstrong Motors, Nash 1956-1957, 80 Victoria Street South


G. Plante – Packard Cars – 1946-1947, Corner of Victoria & nelson Street


Wm. Craig – Dealer, Paige Cars 1927, for a very short time- Corner of Victoria & Hamilton Streets

Reo Truck:

M. & W. Motors (Harold MacPhee & Len Watson) 1954-1958 East Street

R.C.H & other Cars:

The Huron Gasoline Engine and Machinery Company – operating under the name East Street Garage. 1912 – sellers of R.C.H. cars, Russell Cars, Galt Cars, Tudhope Cars, The Brush Runabout and Brantford Motor Trucks. (All Canadian Makes) They also sold bicycles. East Street Goderich – No idea how long they operated.

"I don’t know what possessed me to get into this…. It is a lot of work, but I am enjoying it. I hope some of you are finding our small town Car Dealer History interesting." - Ken McGee Studebaker: John G. Kuntz – Studebaker, EMF (Everett – Metzger – Flanders) McLaughlin and the Flanders 20, 1912 – Kingston Street – No idea for how long East Street Garage (T. F. Holland) Studebaker & Gray-Dort Sales , 1920, East Street – no idea for how long F.H. Wood , Studebaker – 1939-1946 – South Street Bannister Motors (Gordon Bannister) Studebaker, 1947-58. First on Picton Street & then at 5 points Huron Automotive & Supply (Rex & Irene Duckworth) Studebaker – 1965-1966 – 263 Huron Road

Willy’s, Willy’s-Knight & Overland: Geo. Johnston Dealer – Willy’s Knight & Overland Cars 1920-1930 Kingston Street Garage – (A. Johnston & H. Langford) Willy’s, Willy’ s-Knight & Cars – Kingston Street J. W. McGee – Willy’s Overland, 1940-1945, 39 St. Andrews Street Geo. Hutchins Cities Service Station – Willy’s Dealer – 1953-55, West Street

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